Meet the creators of the Meaningful Content Fund, who would like you to click on this important story, not that cat video.

What is the meaning of the Internet? Is it a moving narrative about a boy whose brain could unlock the mystery of autism, or is it a gif of a litter of kittens riding a Roomba, falling off one by one?


Most Internet users—from casual browsers to hardcore Redditors—like to think they are above clickbait, yet inevitably we are all lured into posts like “35 White-Girl Mysteries That Desperately Need To Be Solved.” It’s a Sisyphean fight to rise about mindless listicles and misleading stories that overpromise and underdeliver, but one renegade group has been leading an underground charge to right the Internet’s wrongs. Okay, so it’s more like a confab of white-collared execs in the publishing and tech industries who email each other a few times a week—not exactly Internet vigilantes—but can they help create a more meaningful Internet?

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This blog was a mistake…

follow my actual tumblr here

This blog was a mistake…

follow my actual tumblr here

“Sometimes you win & sometimes you learn.”
“Even if you planned to get a group like this you couldn’t get a group like this”
— Andrew Yang